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The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, also known as “Giving Tuesday”, ended up being a good day for the burgeoning efforts of local residents to open a child care center in Eads. By the end of the day, Little Leaders Learning and Care Center (LLLCC) had raised $600 from local donations. That, combined with the equal match provided by Facebook and PayPal, means that the child care and learning center will be receiving $1200 after the first of the year.

Little Leaders Learning & Care Center Eads Colorado“The Little Leaders Learning and Care Center Board of Directors would like to thank all of the generous donors who participated in #Giving Tuesday,” states Kayla Murdock, Secretary of the Board. “Their donations brought us one step closer to opening a quality licensed child care center in Kiowa County. We appreciate all of the community support!”

Currently, LLLCC board has a tentative opening date planned for June 1, 2019, if things continue to go as planned. Should some unexpected obstacles be encountered, the board realizes there’s the potential for some postponement but the center should be open and running “no later than August”.

This certainty is largely due to the arrangement recently made for a site for the day care center. “We’re leasing from the First Baptist Church,” states Murdock, “and we’re very grateful they’re willing to work hand in hand with us to make this a reality.”

Even with a property as well maintained and high quality as the First Baptist Church, the state of Colorado still has a long list (as in 400 items long) of requirements to be a licensed day care center. Some of those requirements involve the building itself. “We’re looking for donations to help us fund the upgrades and structural changes needed to become licensed,” Murdock states.
“Some of those include installing dry sinks, a half wall for the infant room and new flooring in places where it’s needed,” she says, adding, “We also need new appliances for the kitchen.”

KCEDF’s Jan Richards, who is also a trustee, added that funding is also needed for salary to get paperwork in order including licensing requirements, handbooks, early education courses, fees, workers’ applications and for starting grant applications.

In addition to #Giving Tuesday, the group has additional fundraisers planned, including a drawing for a gigantic, stuffed Christmas stocking – one for a boy and one for a girl. The drawing will be held on the 15th during the children’s matinee at the Plains Theater.

Also, given that it is the end of the year and the LLLCC is a 501c3, individuals looking to make a donation for tax purposes might want to keep the child care center in mind as an option. Anyone interested in more information or in making such a donation should contact either Kayla Murdock or Jan Richards for additional information.

“Giving Tuesday” is a tradition that was started in 2012 by the New York City’s 92nd Street YMCA (commonly referred to as “The 92nd Street Y) in conjunction with the United Nations Foundation for the purpose of promoting charitable giving—at both a national and international level—during “the season of giving”.

This past year, any donation made by an individual to an organization through “Giving Tuesday” had that donation matched by Facebook and PayPal. It’s estimated that a total of $400 million was donated in the United States with $125 million of that donated through Facebook alone.





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