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  • Fire Consumes Acreage East of Eads

Fire Consumes Acreage East of Eads

Not long after sunset on Sunday night, the horizon east of Eads was a dusty orange, that distinct color that always causes people living in open country to take a second, careful look. It was as people suspected: a fire was burning on property just south of the cemetery. With tall grass and a slightly gusting wind from the west, it could have quickly gotten completely out of control. In fact, smoke from the flames could be seen from Galatea.

Fortunately, it did not.

By the time it was over, the fire, reported via a call to 911, consumed a total of 40 acres. No structures were involved or damaged. Fire crews from Eads, Sheridan Lake and Towner quickly responded to the scene. Crew members from road and bridge also assisted with earth moving equipment.

Given the proximity of the fire to the Eads Ag Farm, there was initially a report that the school property was on fire. However, for its duration, the fire remained east of the Ag Barn and did not appear to threaten the structure at any time.

The cause of the fire remains undetermined.

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