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Kiowa County Hospital District Hires Interim CEO Jeanette Filpi, MHA

In yet another special meeting called by the Kiowa County Hospital District on Wednesday night, January 19th a large crowd of interested citizens and district employees were on hand to witness the now five-member hospital board vote unanimously to hire interim Chief Executive Officer Ms. Jeanette Filpi, MHA for up to six months with the time to be determined after evaluation of her performance. Filpi is scheduled to begin work at the embattled hospital on January 25.

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| Raina Lucero | News

Kiowa County Undersheriff Joshua Swanson Throws His Hat in the Ring for Kiowa County Sheriff

Joshua Swanson was raised in Bent County, at the Las Animas Fish Hatchery by his parents Toni and Rick Swanson. As a student in the Cheraw school system, he was involved in many sports including football, basketball, golf, and baseball. After graduation from Cheraw High School in 2003 Joshua went to Lamar Community College to play golf. While at Lamar Community College (LCC) Joshua worked on getting his associates degree in Computer Science. In 2016 Swanson met the love of his life, Shawnda Fierstein and the couple was married in July of 2020. The couple have purchased a home in Eads and are hoping to expand their family to include a child in the near future. After graduating from LCC Joshua was struggling just as many other college gr...
| Jennifer Boyd | News

Letter to the Editor

Thank you to all of you that were so incredibly generous and donated gift cards on behalf of the families that lost everything in the Marshall Fire. I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and gene...
| Mark Bolton, MD | News

Letter to the Editor

THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE IN EADS AND KIOWA COUNTY Thank you for inviting me to comment on the health care challenges facing the Eads community. For those of you who do not know me, I am a physicia...

| Raina Lucero | News

Put Your Money, or Rather Your Time, Where Your Mouth Is

There is no better time than now to get involved with your community and lead the way to community prosperity by running for a local office. There are 2 Special District Elections scheduled for Ma...
| Betsy Barnett | News

The New First Christian Church Turned 50 on Sunday

Sunday morning was a beautiful sunny winter day, and it would the setting for a birthday party for the ...

| Betsy Barnett | Sports

Eads Boys Struggle with Poor Shooting, Drop Two More Games

The Eads boys struggled on their homecourt on both Friday and Saturday nights as they could not put together complete games, particularly from outside 15 feet. They would drop a crucial District 2 game to McClave, 57-37, on Friday night and then a non-conference game to Idalia on Saturday night, 62-48. Eads is now 3-8 on the regular season and 0-2 in the conference. Both McClave and Idalia applied full court pressure most of the game and Eads showed they could handle it at times. Head coach Weston Meardon indicated, “We handled the full court pressure for the entire game but there were times we didn’t get to the bucket for a higher percentage shot and our outside shots didn’t fall.” On Friday night against McClave, the Eagles were shell-shocked early as the size and speed of the Cardinals were hard to contend with. They would fall behind 8-0 midway through the first stanza before Porter Spady sliced into the interior for a layup making the score 10-2. Ty Wilson hit a late 3-ball ...

Eads Girls Continue to Slide

| Betsy Barnett | Sports
The Eads girls lost two more games over the weekend as they battled with two aggressive teams who play full-court pressure defense for the entire game. They would lose a District 2 game against McC...

Kit Carson Girls Dealing with Injuries Drop Two Games Over the Weekend, Cheyenne Wells Gets Mixed Returns

| Betsy Barnett | Sports
Former Wildcat Sedonia Isenbart Leads Stratton Over Kit Carson, 44-39 It was a very emotional homecoming for Stratton sophomore Sedonia Isenbart who grew up in Kit Carson watching her four older s...


Behind the Grindstone: Signs

| Bill Bunting | Lifestyles
Covid. That’s about all you hear about in the news. ‘Ole Cheryl and I are just coming out of our run in with it and are thankful to have made it th...

Student Newsroom: Sheep

| Rhealie Rittgers | Lifestyles
A sheep is defined as a domesticated ruminant animal with a thick woolly coat and (typically only in the male) curving horns. Sheep are kept in flo...

Hold on to Your Wallet!

| Representative Rob Pelton | Lifestyles
On Jan. 12th the Colorado Legislature goes back in session. I jokingly tell people that every day that we aren’t in session is a day that we aren’t...

The Joe Rogan Interview with Dr. Robert Malone was a Treasure Trove of COVID Topics

| Betsy Barnett | Lifestyles
Podcaster Joe Rogan has been breaking the podcast stratosphere as of late. The former comic now turned podcaster extraordinaire experienced a major...

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