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Behind the Grindstone: Quiet

By Bill Bunting

March 8, 2024

There is a difference between quiet and silence. Silence is the absence of sound while quiet is the absence of noise.

Quiet is a sound unheard
Rhyme and rhythm without word
Soaking deeply now entwined
In the recesses of the mind

Sun is rising without a sound
Quiet is the place now found
Daylight spreads across the land
Welcomed by a prairie band

Adding to the quiet sought
Peace of mind and peace of thought
Quiet now their voices sound
Tightly in the silence wound

The coyote sings his morning song
As the others join along
A song that God through nature wrote
Every verse and every note

A song that’s sung from his heart
Now his song becomes a part
Of the quiet being heard
Rhyme and rhythm without word

Coarse it is the raven’s cry
Like a coyote in the sky
Crying loud and crying long
Adding to the quiet song

The meadowlark adds his trill
A vacancy that he must fill
In the song that’s being played
Of the quiet serenade

Gentle is the morning breeze
Sifting through the cedar trees
Quietly it’s voice is aired
With the others softly shared

All of nature comes alive
Driven with a natural drive
To sing their song as daylight breaks
Night is past, the day awakes

And quiet reigns across the land
Being played by a prairie band
Speaking deeply to the soul
Bringing life and making whole

The song swells up within his heart
Now it seems he is a part
Of the song that God through nature wrote
Every verse and every note
Adding to the quiet heard
Rhyme and rhythm without word

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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