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Behind the Grindstone: The Hammer

By Bill Bunting

March 22, 2024

There has been controversy over who was responsible for Christ’s death. Some blamed the Romans, some blamed the Jews but very few have blamed themselves. The Scriptures tell that Christ gave Himself as a sacrifice for the sin of mankind.

I was visiting
So it seemed
Or maybe I
Had only dreamed

That I was there
The day He died
The day my Lord
Was crucified

The one thing I
Don’t understand
Who could drive nails
Into His hand

The city streets
Were full the day
They come and drug
The man away

I wondered what
This day would bring
What kind of people
Would do this thing

And what would happen
When all was done
This man who claimed
To be God’s Son

So I follow
With the crowd
Turning violent
Crying loud

I’m not a part
I’ll tag along
Although I’m sure
I don’t belong

A crown of thorns
Upon His head
The first I see
His blood flow red

I shouldn’t be here
I should flee
This place is not
The place for me

Then I hear a voice
Ringing in my ear
A voice I thought
I’d never hear

Screaming right
Along with them
Crucify Him
Crucify Him

Oh Lord I cry
How can this be
This voice I hear
Sounds just like me

My mind is dull
I’m at a loss
They’re nailing Him
Upon a cross

The very sound
Turns me pale
As the hammer
Hits the nail

I wonder what
Type of man
Can do this to
The Great I Am

The sound keeps ringing
In my ears
I can hardly see
For my tears

Oh Lord I don’t
Then I see the hammer
In my hand

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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