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Day-to-Day With Doris

By Doris Lessenden

September 19, 2023

The Eads Chamber of Commerce breakfasts on Thursday and Friday kicked off a great 2023 Kiowa County Fair and activities. President Dennis Pearson and members do thank the volunteer men and women who helped prepare and serve the meals. I even saw middle-schooler, Calen Hoffman, helping with the breakfast.

The weather for the county fair was sunny and warm so on Monday when it was raining, we counted our blessings that the weather was so wonderful for the fair. Starting on Sunday, and then Wednesday through Saturday, there were various kinds of rodeos that brought a lot of competitive cowboys and cowgirls to town. Even on Saturday there were representative horsemen and women, boys, and girls in the County Parade. The Arkansas Valley Queen and her pastel painted trailer was in the parade.

The honored Parade Marshal was Alice Glover who was a 4-H Leader for over 40 years and who also cooked many meals for Eads School students and staff. Alice taught many girls and some young men to knit and crochet and sew. She is a master baker who has worked as a Superintendent at the county fair for years and years—even this year. She is active in our community even now in her mid-80s at the Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary and Eads Senior Citizens of which she has been the president for many years. She is a dear lady who helps others and volunteers and attends as many school and community events as she can.

The other Honored Parade Marshalls was the First Responders of the whole county who were mostly in or on the big red Firetrucks led by their Director, Russ Watson. Brother and sister, Braxtyn and Braya Ferris, served as the County’s Royalty this year. Miss Arkansas Valley with her pastel painted horse trailer led the parade after the horsemen carrying the flags. There were many riders of different ages and lots of shiny period automobiles. There were some businesses and groups also such as the GN-Bank employees, the leadership staff of Weisbrod Hospital & Nursing Home, Brandon Hoffman’s 719 Metal Works, Prairie Queen 4-H Club, and others that I wish I would have written down. They all go by too quickly. (smiling) One of the best parts of the parade to me is the six cars of EHS Royalty and to read the names of the couples, two of whom will be the King and Queen during the Eads Homecoming festivities September 20-29th.

The exhibits in the Community Building were interesting to see. I always check out the 4-H exhibits and it was pleasing to see that Kiowa County 4-Hers did so well at the Colorado State Fair. I know that is in part because of good parenting and family support. Next, I looked at the young children’s exhibits to see my great nieces and nephew’s artwork. The adult art and photography displays were good and oh, if you didn’t see inside the Community Building, you would have marveled to have seen the beautiful quilts and crochet works. Then you would grow hungry looking at all those yummy baked goods, and candies, and jars of canned goods that men and women had preserved.

Under the grandstands there were many good vendor products and many groups and businesses that I unfortunately didn’t have time to study or visit with. However, I did see Marla Guinn Darnell’s beautiful booth of western clothes and accessories. I was amazed to see all the handmade items that Ronnie Phillips displayed. Both Marla and Ronnie were students at EHS. Around the corner was the Plainview School booth manned by their senior boy, Elijah Harkness, with his teacher sponsors, Ms. Susan Greenfield and Ms. Jennifer Wilson.

Many people enjoy most any fair for the joy of seeing old friends and my JOY last week was to see one of my dear EHS student friend Keri Dewitt, who came to EHS her junior year. Mr. Jacob Diel, EHS Science educator, and I, as the school Counselor, had the pleasure to accompany Keri to the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs where she won a Science Award for a state contest. She told me at the fair, “This was the beginning of my journey.” I have observed her many sad times, but her college graduation, marriage, and the birth of two children later in life and now moving back to her home state area in Missouri are all such wonderful life events. Keri will never know just how much joy and fun she provided the children of this area by bringing her gigantic dinosaurs to Eads America! And all the games, educational experiences, and displays that she and her young children, Grant and Gracie, take to many states. Thank you, also to Claire Prince for being a helpful volunteer!

There were a lot of cars around the Eads Senior Center on Thursday and Friday indicating that lots of Senior Citizens surely enjoy gathering there to eat the delicious Barbeque that the Eads Road and Bridge Crew cooked under the earth. Residents at Weisbrod and Prairie Pines enjoyed some Fair Barbeque also.

The Hospital Auxiliary met at the basement of the hospital as they did years ago. The next meeting will be on the second Tuesday of October at 11:00 am. The salad bar was great. We welcome new members to join us.

Remember, dear readers, “There is always hope!”

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