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Day to Day with Doris October 4, 2017

By Doris Lessenden

October 4, 2017

“Duty, Honor, Country. Those three hallowed words reverently dictate What you ought to be, What you can be, What you will be.” Douglas MacArthur

Jeff Campbell recently wrote about how he and the late Rod Johnson used to talk about the poetry that each of these men had written. I didn’t know that Rod was such a profound composer of poetry until I read poems on his funeral program. I remember a time when Jeff read some of his poetry at one of our stylish “Tea Parties” at the Art Gallery. Both these men have and had such incredible talents to share with our communities. It causes one to wonder about all the other people in our county and surrounding places who have hobbies, talents, and skills that they could share with others people if they took the chance to reveal it. I feel, No, I know that there is a lot of “untapped talent” that just needs a chance to “bloom” or be shown.

One place to see talent–in-bloom this weekend will be at the Haswell Bazaar where there will be welcoming vendors with goods and foods on Saturday, October 7th at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. There will also be a lunch of soups or chili offered. In November on the 18th, the Community Building in Eads will be bulging with Holiday Bazaar Vendors. Save your money and come support individuals and groups.

In September, Linda Trosper helped Madonna Pollreis hang Madonna’s Aunt Ruth Wissel’s quilt in the ECU dining room. Linda is always on the look-out for quilts to display for the residents, workers, and visitors to enjoy.

We really do appreciate our rural and town mail carrier, Fran (Weber) Larrew whose white jeep is really muddy. She was quite late Thursday afternoon because of all the rain we have been blest with lately.

“Happy Birthday” to our friend Opal Miner who had a troubled month of being transported to a city hospital at least three times last month, but I am glad to report that she is better and healing.

Neighbors are glad to see Jerry McDaniel’s truck back home after a summer of working in the mountains for the Park Department.

The “Down East Boys” quartet are coming back to town where they will be performing in the Praise Community Church October 15 at 6:00p,m. This group has been singing in Eads for over 20 years. I never tire of hearing them share their singing of Southern Gospel songs.

Good news. A representative from the Eastern Slopes Rural Telephone Association of Hugo will be making a presentation about “Cyber Security” on October 4th at 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Haswell Community Center. People are encouraged to bring their laptop computers, tablets, and cell phones to learn how to protect themselves from scamming, pfishing, and trickery that may happen. This is an effort to try to help people protect themselves and their data from identity theft and being attacked in various criminal ways. She will try to arrange a time to come to Eads later. Some of us need this information, NOW.

Sharon Pearson is excited that her Foxstone Maltese dogs have given birth to a male and a female puppy. Sharon is a professional trainer who shows her prize Maltese dogs all around the country.

The 4-H Council and leaders are going to try a change of day by having the 4-H Achievement Banquet on Sunday evening, October 15th at 6:00 p.m.

The Hospital Auxiliary business meeting is Tuesday, October 10 rather than the 17th as mentioned in one source. The Auxiliary meets on the second Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. in the South Dining Room of J J’s Ranch House. Men and women who care about the atmosphere and happenings at the Weisbrod ECU (Nursing Home) are encouraged to come to the meetings. We try to support the Activity Director and staff by buying equipment and helping with projects or activities that make life more enjoyable for the residents.

October 5th at 3:40 p.m. is the Eads school pep rally in the high school gym. We are so glad that the students get to cheer and experience rousing school spirit and have some fun too.

The four teams from Eads Middle School and High School will be competing in volleyball and football in Kit Carson on Friday October 13th. This is an important night because it is “Pink Friday”. For many years, a committee of people host a supper and Silent Auction in the school cafeteria to benefit people of the community who have cancer or some other tragic situation. It is gratifying to know that the money is divided and given to people to use for their expenses.

Fans and family appreciate the sports articles that are written about the games. It is not usually possible to mention all the player’s names, so for the sake of readers--especially readers who live a distance from Eads America and like to read the last names of students--here is a listing of high school volleyball players: Kaycee Ellenberger, Cynthia Watson, Lauren Brown, Hadlie Rittgers, Ally Spady, Amber Kopasz. Lydia Splitter, Brooklynn Jones, Reagan Johnson, Aubree Rybacki, Lauren Spady, Brenna Rouse, Tiauna Black, Mindi Uhland, Emily Gyurman, Mariah Smith, Briauna Black, Morgyn Johnson, and Mollie Kelly. These young ladies are coached by Chelsea Davis and assisted by Ty Lin Williams.

Also interesting to readers may be a listing of the energetic Middle School Lady Eagles from grades 6,7, and 8. They are: Breanna Wilson, Maggie Haase, Brianna Habinck, Rachel Kopasz, Rhealie Rittgers, Samantha Courkamp, Crysral Watson, Stacy Scholfield, Crystal Watson, Madison McDowell, Taygen Ferris, Kiya Leonard, Piper Sorter, Ashley Briggs, Katie Johnson, Megan Briggs, Samantha Miller, and Kyra Sheridan. These girls are coached by Ty Lin Williams and assisted by Katie Kopasz.

Richard Scott’s 80th birthday will be celebrated on the 14th of October at the American Legion Hall in Eads. This is an opportunity to say “Thank you” to Richard for his years of service as a County Agent and now as a Kiowa County Commissioner.

Also on Saturday, October 14th , there will be a Volleyball Fundraiser Tournament at the Eads gym. This is sponsored by the FBLA and Student Council.
There were “See You At the Pole” events the last week of September all across the country, as youth and adults met at school flag poles to pray for their schools and communities. This also happened last week in Eads.


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