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Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan: Something for Everyone

By Dawni O'Bryan

September 21, 2022

If you have been keeping up with me, I have been highlighting several of the county fairs in our area. The county fair is a little slice of heaven for animal enthusiasts. It is a display of animals and their owners demonstrating just how many hours they spend together working towards a goal. Kicking off the numerous events of the Kiowa County Fair was the dog races held at the fairgrounds. I was expecting cow dog, wiener dog, and any other pooch that wanted to race. Oh no, these dogs looked serious and were, or resembled, the greyhound breed. Sponsors of the event were Ken and Connie Hill. The race names were Puppy (age), Shag, Coyote, and Hot Leg. Winning the Puppy and Shag race was Caleb Hinkle. Winning the Coyote race was Rex Heart. Winning the Hot Leg race was Ken and Connie Hill.

The cowboy side of things saw many events throughout the week, as well. The Southeast Colorado Can Chasers held their event on Wednesday, September 7th at the Eads fairgrounds. Taking top honors in the first division (1D) was Mackayla Vashus with a time of 17.471 seconds, 2D winner was Dwana Salisbury with a time of 17.971 seconds, 3D winner was Tori Hawks with a time of 18.705 seconds, and the 4D winner was Emma Deforest with a time of 19.106 seconds. The pee wee winner was Cambri Crum with a time of 19.617 seconds and the winner of the youth was Giana Gibbs with a time of 17.997 seconds. Buckles were presented to Vashus, Gibbs, and Crum courtesy of the Kiowa County Fair Board.

The team roping was held on Thursday with 63 teams in each roping that was put on by JW McQuistion. In the #13 slide, winning first was Justin Crist and Ty Spicklemeier with a time of 28.33 seconds on four head of steers. Their efforts won them $640. Second was Brian Dunning and Brian Crist with a time of 33.16 seconds-$490, third was Ty Spicklemeier and Austin Crist with a time of 33.34 seconds-$320, and fourth was Clay Meklenburg and Justin Crist with a time of 35.18 seconds-$155. In the #10 Roping the winners were Trice Watts and Ralson Dee, 31.42 seconds on four head-$650, second place was YD Descheny and Kobe Miller, 32.47 seconds-$530, third was Jayla Reed and Kobe Miller, 38.64 seconds-$325, fourth was Jayla Reed and Justin Crist, 42.19 seconds-$245, and fifth was Tyler Hainer and Justin Crist, 44.24 seconds-$185. Fast time was Kobe Miller and OT Edwards, 5.85 seconds-$100.

The Colorado Professional Rodeo Association held its amateur rodeo on Friday and Saturday. Some people of interest that got in the money included Chance Wall of La Junta. He won the tie down roping with a time of 7.9 seconds and $622. Third was Trent Sharon of Ordway with 9.7 seconds and $311. The breakaway roping was won by former McClaveite Chelsie Cranson, now of Fowler, with a smoking 2.6 seconds and $789. The team roping was won by Brian Dunning (Lamar) and TJ Watts (Eads) with a 6.1 second run-$672. Third was Casey Warnock and OT Edwards with 6.5 seconds and $269.

The ranch rodeo was also held on Friday with 16 teams. Topping the leader board was Dorenkamp Land and Cattle (members-Cole Dorenkamp, Jesse Jolly, Gary Grokett, Luke Kelly, and Clint Lay). The team received $2544 for their efforts. Taking second was the Broken Spear team (members-Gail Allen, Austin Kuhn, Trent Sharon, Shade Etbauer, and JT Schalla) and $1908. Third place team was Damneara Ranch (members-Josh Weimer, Tyler Hainer, Colton Reed, Trice Watts, and Ty Spicklemeier) and $1272. Fourth place was E Quarter Circle (members-Katlyn Rusher, Brian Olomon, Alan Olomon, Jackson Donnell, and Jeff Crowder) and $636. Special thanks to the Kiowa County Fair Board and to David Walker for all his help in putting on the team roping and ranch rodeo.

The last event scheduled was the Ranch Bronc Riding. Austin Kuhn of the La Junta area was the winner of the event. There was a lot of cowboy fun had over the week and lots of friends and family reconnected in the many handshakes, hugs, and laughs shared. Thanks for the fun, Eads America!

Happy Trails.

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