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Current Assembly of God Church building now called the Praise Community Church.

Long Time Gone: A Brief History of the Assembly of God Church

By Rev. J. A. Stapleton

March 15, 2023

The Eads Assembly of God Church, now known as the Praise Community Church, began in the summer of 1936 with a tent revival service by Rev. T. T. Ward. The congregation consisted of the nucleus of people who adhered to these meetings and affiliated with the organization.

Upon closing the tent services, a two-room house was secured from the late William Davis and converted into a chapel for the continuance of church services. The church was set in order with its duly elected officers and became a member of the general Council of the Assemblies of God, headquarters in Springfield, Missouri on March 17, 1938.

The charter members were: Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Huddleson and son Francis; Elmer Hollister; Mrs. J. E. Lane; Alverta Patton; Elda Patton; Doris Patton; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Whaley, daughter Lova and son Roy; Arthur Towse; Ted Fogelson; Erma Chronister; Fred and Ethel Fogelson; A. A. Nieman; George Mueller family; and Clara Hieronymus.

In 1937 the members of the congregation asked Rev. J. A. Stapleton, pastor of the Chivington Assembly of God at the time, to become their pastor.

Rev. Stapleton accepted the pastorate and moved to Eads in the Fall of 1939. At this time the Chivington congregation consisting of John Brown, Wesley and Van; Herman and Floy Mays; Sally Mays; Mr. and Mrs. Trenton Abrams; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hammer; Everett Newsom and family also joined the congregation in Eads. Others attending the church at this time were Mrs. Clarence Etter of Frist View; Mrs. Lichtenhahn of Kit Carson; the Whitmarshes of Cheyenne Wells; Mr. and Mrs. Jess Green; and the Pete Schleining family.

Rev. Stapleton found the community of Eads to be a friendly community and enjoyed a delightful time of ministry to many of the community as well as to the church.

During Rev. Stapleton’s stay the church added another twelve feet in length to the basement church and constructed the present edifice (First Assembly of God Church Building located on Hickman Street). God wonderfully supplied the needs of hard-to-get materials to construct the building during World War II. Also many of the community helped to make the church construction possible. We appreciated the donated labors of all who helped in the endeavor. The new edifice was dedicated in the Fall of 1946 with an indebtedness of only $90.00. The church became involved in the missionary endeavor of the organizations and contributed to the support of many missionaries.

In the Spring of 1947 Rev. Stapleton resigned the church and accepted the pastorate at Haxtun, Colorado.

The ministers succeeding him were Rev. Ellis Cain, Rev. Thompson, Rev. C. E. Benentendi, Rev. E. C. Phillips, Rev. Edwin Lack, Rev. Alexander, Rev. Davis, Rev. Meyers, Rev. McBee, Rev. Callis, to the present pastor—Rev. Robert G. Drake.

Note: This article was written in 1976 and does not reflect the reverends from that date to present with the exception of the current reverend Lane Gooden of the Praise Community Church.

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