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Wholey Healthy, a Nontraditional Wellness Concept Comes to Eads

By Raina Lucero

September 28, 2022

Wholey Healthy is a nontraditional wellness concept for the women in our community who desire a place they may go and feel comfortable in a safe and supportive atmosphere free from feeling self-conscious throughout their wellness journey. Women as young as 16-years-old will be able to join Wholey Healthy and look forward to encouragement and accountability while participating in pre-recorded and sometimes live fitness classes.

A 6-month pilot program will begin October 3rd to meet the needs of the women in our community whose focus might not be on weight loss alone but accountability, partnership and as well as overall wellness. Classes will be held three days per week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with classes being held at 2 different times 5:30 am and 5:30 pm to better accommodate all who wish to take part. The location of the classes will be announced in the coming days. Those who would like to attend classes are asked to sign up in advance for the days and times you wish to attend as space will be limited, however walk-ins will be welcome as space allows.

Jessica Gause NASM CPT, CES, Weight Loss from South Carolina is a nationally certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She has also earned additional certifications as a Weight-Loss Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Jessica is the long-time close friend of Claire Prince who has become a community staple along with her husband Matt and their children Colin and Charlie. Claire has a background in food and science nutrition and has a passion for rural health. She has been inspired by her own health and wellness journey to partner with Jessica to bring the Wholey Healthy program to southeast Colorado.

Jessica Gause states in her biography, “The workouts will be based upon your goals. I have a plan of action for a wide variety of goals (build muscle, lose fat, tone, shred, bulk etc). I also take into account injuries, pre/post-surgery concerns, and more. Based on your current level of activity, metrics, and timeline, I’ll devise a plan to help you reach your goals!

Guidance regarding nutrition is provided as well. I’ll again go over your goals, metrics, dietary preferences and restrictions. I’ll create a menu to include grocery lists, recipes, and how to meal prep as you go through each and every week. Know that nutrition is key, and I’ll fight for a plan that works for you as well as hold you accountable to it!

Close your eyes and picture the body and life you truly desire.

What you want is absolutely possible, but it takes hard work, dedication, and most importantly, a belief that you can achieve that goal. Without that belief, you will be swimming against the current.

Stop giving power to everything and everyone that says you can’t have what you want. Stop feeling limited and powerless.

I am passionate about helping you develop an “I am” mindset. Instead of telling yourself you can do something, start saying you are doing it. You are that person. Whatever you want to be, say that to yourself 100 times a day, “I am _____.” The more you tell your brain that you are something, the more you’ll notice your body conform to that belief.

I’m in this with you and so excited to help you reach your goals!!”

In an interview with the Kiowa County Independent, Jessica stated that the bulk of the classes will primarily focus on resistance-based training, squats, lunges, as well as pushups. Don’t fret, Jessica also tells us that all workouts can be modified up or down depending on fitness level and no one will be left behind. At this time Jessica plans to offer 1 live session per week with all other sessions being prerecorded.

Right now, for this promotional period the rate for group classes is as follows:

  • 1 Class $8 (PROMO RATE $6)
  • 4 Classes $30 (PROMO RATE $20)
  • 8 Classes $55 (PROMO RATE $40)
  • $75 Monthly Unlimited (PROMO RATE $60)

There are also Alacarte options such as:

Personalized Nutrition and Accountability

  • $30 Month (PROMO RATE $20)

Additional Virtual Workout Program and Accountability

  • $30 Month (PROMO RATE $20)

The Kiowa County Recreation District has kindly agreed to donate exercise mats, resistance bands, as well as will hold monthly drawings for free classes. CWC Rail, Inc. has also donated body composition scales as well as heartrate monitors for those who are taking classes.

Claire Prince indicated that there will be drinks, protein shakes and protein snacks stocked and available for those who participate in the classes. There will be access to tips and tricks during the sessions as well as posted to the Wholey Healthy Facebook page. Jessica will also offer personalized heart rate and other biometric assistance for all members. Claire and Jessica have both clarified that group will change and adjust as the needs of those who are in the group change and adjust. As the group grows and needs and ideas are expressed, content will be added to meet those needs. The same goes for the days and times on which the classes are offered.

Visit the Wholey Healthy Facebook Page to learn how and when you can sign up.

If you would like to talk to Claire about donating items such as dumbbells or other non-heavy equipment or being a class leader, she can be reached at 803-312-2364.

Listen to The Rich and Raina Show's episode about Wholey Healthy here.

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