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RE: Mill Levy Reduction Request

By Kiowa County Board of Commissioners

December 2, 2023

Dear Governor Polis,

We, the Kiowa County Board of Commissioners, would like to express our appreciation for your seemingly deep concern for the taxpayers of Colorado. We also support our residents and would love to lighten their tax burden. Unfortunately, with a population of less than fifteen hundred ( 1500) and very little industry to rely on for tax revenue, we operate on an extremely modest budget. We also have the one of the lowest assessed values in the State of Colorado. Your proposal would not allow us to continue to provide the mandated services that we currently offer.

We do have a few areas of extreme concern regarding the past few years under your leadership. It seems each year there are proposals made to the constituents of Colorado for their vote. Each time the vote does not follow your plan, you then find a way to override the voter’s decision and pass your agenda regardless. Governor Polis, are you listening to the people of the State of Colorado or just those who support your agenda?

We would encourage you to take an in depth look at the rural areas of Colorado and really compare them to the front range and highly populated areas. There are substantial differences in the needs of these communities and also in the ability to provide for those needs!

In closing, we would respectfully request that you accept the vote of the people and respect the democratic process in which this country was built on! We unanimously decline your proposal to undermine the voters of Colorado and put in place changes that could affect their ability to obtain much needed services in Kiowa County.

Kiowa County Board of Commissioners
Donald Oswald, Chairman
Howard Robertson, Commissioner
Michael Lening, Commissioner

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