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Letter to the Editor: Richard Holtorf

By Richard Holtorf

May 3, 2024

State Representative Richard Holtorf, Candidate for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District (CD4), issued a statement in response to the April 30, 2024, Colorado State Republican Party’s (COGOP) questionnaire for endorsement sent by Vice Chair Hope Scheppelmann.

Holtorf said, “The COGOP and Chair Williams are completely out of line. The fact that the state party is demanding candidates fill out a policy questionnaire to secure an “endorsement” is ridiculous. I have been sharing my policy beliefs with voters for nearly six months. The legal bylaws of the party state the COGOP will endorse all candidates prior to the primary. All of the Republicans in the state have already selected Republican candidates for the June 25th Primary ballot through the county, district, and state caucus and assembly process. This questionnaire and subsequent “endorsement” only bypasses what the Assembly Delegates said they wanted. Voters want to vote, not be told for whom to vote by the state party.

“This questionnaire is another reason I demand that Dave Williams step down as the party leader as he continues this endorsement charade driven by the desire to be some kind of gatekeeper and get himself elected. Does Dave Williams not have his own policy beliefs and needs to ask other candidates for theirs? #FailedLeadership.”

On April 9, 2024, Holtorf called for Dave Williams’ resignation as party leader after he used party resources to further his own campaign and improperly calling for a voice vote in a room of both credentialed and uncredentialed delegates, changing over 100 years of party procedure.

Holtorf continued, “Vice Chair Sheppelmann, please stop doing Dave Williams’ dirty work for him. Save the party and save yourself. Let the people decide who they want to vote for. The people voted in caucuses and assemblies in March and April. They voted for a neutral candidate at the Special Vacancy Committee in Hugo, CO to complete Ken Buck’s term. Their vote in Hugo showed they are against this type of back room dealmaking Ken Buck tried to pull by retiring early.

“The COGOP is meant to be a coach for all, a resource for all Republican candidates at all levels, and a coordinator for party election cycles. Their job is to get as many Republicans elected as possible following a free and fair election. The state party infrastructure is NOT supposed to be used for endorsements of one candidate prior to the primary, to show favoritism in an effort to bypass voters, or to be used for the Chairman’s own candidacy.”

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