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Letter to the Editor: Senator Rod & Kathy Pelton

By Senator Rod & Kathy Pelton

May 22, 2024

Dear Editor,

What does one look for in a Congressman?

Honesty. If your Congressman isn’t honest with himself, his family, his fellow legislators, and his constituents, nothing else really matters. If you can’t trust that what he says is the unaltered truth, you really can’t trust anything about him. He MUST be willing to tell the truth, no matter what, even when it’s not popular.

Integrity. Closely related to honesty, but a step further, is integrity. It’s being honest, but it’s also the willingness to do the right thing – all the time. He must be able to not only decipher what the right thing to do is in each situation, but also have the fortitude to do it.

The ability to work through conflict and differences of opinion, and compromise when compromise is warranted. Contrary to what some believe, it IS possible to hold firm to your principles and, at the same time, compromise with an opponent to reach a solution to the problem at hand. We would certainly not endorse the prospect of compromising at any cost. But a legislator is never effective if he refuses to give a little ground to the opposing party. Any long-lasting, effective relationship involves give-and-take by both parties.

The ability to see a problem through the eyes of another. Closely related to the previous trait, it is vital that a legislator can take a step back from an issue, listen to those who have differing views, and see the situation from the other person’s perspective. While there definitely is evil in this world, we believe that most people are NOT evil, but may have been indoctrinated and tricked into believing that good is bad and bad is good. One must take a step back and consider WHY his opponent thinks the way he thinks.

Life experience, especially experience that is similar to the life experiences of his constituents. There is a reason that our Congressmen are elected by a distinct district within their state. Their job is to be a representative of the people who live in that particular district. As we all know, the thought processes of people who live in urban areas is decidedly different from those of people who live in rural areas (as they should be). Neither is necessarily right or wrong; they’re just different because of different living conditions. Similarly, people living on the eastern plains of Colorado have different life experiences and different needs than those who live on the western slope. Neither is necessarily right or wrong; they’re just different because of different living conditions.

Accessibility. Your legislator should be representing YOU and your needs. As such, he MUST be easily accessible. He must be committed to listening to, and responding to, your concerns, questions, and issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Christian faith. This trait sums up and envelops all of the others. This is what makes a person, legislator or not, be a person of honesty, integrity, empathy, and willing to negotiate. In addition, it’s what keeps a person grounded. And anyone who proposes to go to Washington and work through the maze of negotiation and alliances MUST be well-grounded.

As you probably know, your Republican Primary ballot coming out next month will have several viable candidates who would love to have your vote and go to Washington as your next Congressman. In our opinion, there is one – Jerry Sonnenberg – who easily surpasses all of the others in his ability to represent us – and you – in that political environment. Jerry has served as a Colorado State Representative for eight years, followed by serving as a Colorado State Senator for eight years. When he left the Senate, he was elected to serve as a County Commissioner in Logan County. He is a well-grounded, Christian man of honesty, integrity and approachability. He is a fourth-generation farmer/rancher on his family farm near Sterling, so he knows first-hand what issues the agricultural community is dealing with. He is a family man and a well-respected member of not only his community, but all of eastern Colorado. We believe him to be the best person to represent CD 4 in the upcoming election. Please consider casting your vote for our friend and mentor, Jerry Sonnenberg.

Thank you.

Senator Rod & Kathy Pelton

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