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Letter to the Editor: Ian M. DeBono

By Ian M. DeBono

May 22, 2024

The Common Denominator (the People), Part 3

I’ve been having flashbacks of the early 1960s, the protests, violence, student unrest in our colleges, government trust, or should I say, “No Trust” and the push by Hippies/Yippies to provide a shock value to our country. Look familiar?

By the mid-1970s there seemed to be a small bit of normalcy return to our country. We are facing the same timelines after the past three and half years, (10-12 years). If Biden is re-elected, you can add another 4 years to the timeline. If we are fortunate enough to get someone else as President, at least it will be a start to a healing process; selection of members of the Senate and House are more important. Maybe we need to eliminate politicians and take a look at businessmen running the country. The politicians have sucked over the past 50 years (women should also be included, sorry about that).

In my opinion, the most corrupt organization in our country is the Democratic Party. The weakest organization is the Republican Party. If they are challenged, they start shaking in their boots. Then we have the Independents who have been riding the fence for so long, they don’t know if they are coming or going.

We have a problem when the President and the Democratic Party will not abide by the decision of the highest court in the land, regarding the right to abortion to each state, and the decision in student loan forgiveness and the removal of individuals from a ballot (Trump and RFK, Jr.) as unconstitutional.

Accountability: When President Biden stated how deplorable it was when the aides who were accidently killed when delivering humanitarian aide supplies to Gaza wanted those people held responsible. I guess he forgot about the retreat from Afghanistan in which 13 military personnel were killed, 140 Afghanistanians were injured, and seven children and a father were mistaken for a terrorist. Who took responsibility for that disaster?

Did anyone take note of the response time by President Biden regarding how long it took him to visit the train derailment in Palenstine, Ohio, compared to the bridge collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore? It was a year before Biden went to Palenstine and just over a week to visit Baltimore.

Accountability: Norfolk Railroad, 600 million dollars, for the cleanup. I’ve never seen a report on help from the government to Palestine. Regarding the Bridge, Biden stated the bridge will be rebuilt with help from the government. I guess if it’s close to home, it’s ok to use taxpayer’s money.

I saw on an independent newscast that Democratic Senator Michael Bennet voted “no” on the last appropriation bill. Then he requested 32 million dollars for pet projects in his district. Typical Dem ploy.

Final Thoughts: Why is it that I only heard a 20 second blurb on impeachment hearing for Colorado’s Secretary of State? Nothing since.

Clean up the NBA. Four fouls instead of six.

Clean up the NFL. Take the bubble wrap off the quarterbacks. Then we will find out who the GOAT is.

When will Walmart shoppers start returning their carts to a stall?

Former President Trump, 88 indictments; Charles Manson, 10 indictments. Really?

The average age of Democrats is 64. The average age of Republicans is 57.

Why is Senator Menendez blaming his wife for his problems?

Why are the people in Michigan allowed to chant, “Death to America?” Which to me should not be associated with freedom of speech, but misconduct.

The strategic oil reserves of the U.S. capacity of 700 million barrels. When Biden took over there were 600+ in reserves; and a half year later it’s down to 300+ million barrels. President Biden promised to restore when was used. Nothing yet, just another lie. After 3 and a half years, I finally figured out how to tell he was not being truthful. I watched his lips move...

I’m really hoping for a Presidential debate!!!!!

And why is the government allowed to fund the biased news stations with taxpayer’s money?

Ian M. DeBono

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