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Letter to the Editor: Richard Holtorf

By Richard Holtorf

June 7, 2024

State Representative Richard Holtorf, Candidate for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District (CD4), attended the Governor’s signing ceremony establishing Women Veterans Appreciation Day on June 5 (see photo). The official press release with background and Rep. Holtorf’s quotes can be found here.

After the State Representative’s work for the day was complete, Holtorf turned his attention to Deborah Flora’s unfounded accusations of him being disrespectful toward military members and their families. Flora began slinging falsehoods at a debate last week and continues to smear Holtorf as she performs on the campaign trail.

Rep. Holtorf stated, “While I am still working for veterans, Deborah is desperate and playing political games. In reality, I defined the difference between the world of serving military members and their family back home. I pointed out there is a significant difference between donning the uniform, training, and going to battle versus the experience of dependents, especially children. Dependents do not endure the physical adversity it takes to serve nor the firsthand mental angst of war. On the campaign trail, Deborah continually tries to use her experience as a young military dependent like it granted her special knowledge of geopolitics or the military. Military members immediately see through her ruse.”

Holtorf continued, “Deborah is the one who is smearing a retired Army Colonel with 29 years of service including 5 overseas tours of which 2 were Afghan combat tours, a US Army War College graduate, and the House Minority Whip who has won 3 elections. The disrespect, lies, and mudslinging by an unelected, former radio talk show host needs to stop. As a military dependent, she should know better. As a young officer, I was assigned the duty of contacting families to inform them their loved one died in service to their country. In Afghanistan, I watched men die fighting alongside me. I have the utmost respect for both service members and their families. However, I will not tolerate somebody equating the two vastly different experiences. Deborah, is this competitive campaign too stressful for you? You are usually much better than this.” From his brother-in-law, who served during the surge in Iraq and graduates from the US Army War College June 7, Holtorf personally knows what family members endure when a service member serves.

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